Free Prostate Cancer Screening

Though we are a urology group whose individual doctors have expertise in all areas of urologic care and we treat patients suffering from all urologic issues, we collectively decided to commit our practice to the detection and treatment of prostate cancer, the most dangerous cancer in men.

Prostate cancer is as common in men as breast cancer is in women, but men who have prostate cancer usually have no symptoms — they feel fine and do not know they have the cancer. It is estimated that one in six men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer during his lifetime and one man in 36 will die of prostate cancer. The chances of surviving this deadly disease, however, significantly improve if it is detected early. That is why it is recommended that men 50 years or older — or men 40 and over who have a family history of the disease — get screened every year for prostate cancer.

We so strongly believe in the importance of detecting prostate cancer early through screening that we hold a free prostate cancer screening event once a year. The event is held early in September each year to coincide with National Prostate Cancer Awareness month.

Every year we have hundreds of men turn out for this event. We set up a tent and lounge area and provide free refreshments for everyone who attends. Each attendee receives a private exam by one of our urologists. The majority of men who are screened at our event find out immediately that they are fine, but every year there are a handful of men who show signs of possible prostate cancer. These men are instructed on the necessary next steps that must be taken in order to determine if they do in fact have the cancer.

Whether you get screened at our free annual event or by your personal physician or urologist — just make sure you have yourself examined for prostate cancer on a yearly basis. It can save your life!



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