Pee-cal Campaign


Our innovative, head-turning advertising campaign at The Iron Pigs’ Coca-Cola Park got a lot of people talking and even won two prestigious national health care awards!

Our “Pee-cal” campaign — decal signs cleverly placed INSIDE the urinals at the Iron Pigs stadium, Coca Cola Park — was developed to create awareness among men of potential serious urologic health problems, including prostate cancer. The urinal decals, which we affectionately named the “Pee-cals”, feature baseball-themed messages to males such as, “The only dribblers here at the ballpark should be down the third and first base lines” and “Has your bat gone silent?”.

The campaign was created for us by Jangle, a local branding and advertising agency with offices in Nazareth, Pa. And it received gold in the 2013 Aster Awards and took silver in the 2013 Healthcare Advertising Awards.

Charlie Fenstermaker, Chief Operating Officer for Urology Specialists of the Lehigh Valley, explains the importance of the marketing effort, “One of our practice’s main goals is to increase awareness of potential urologic problems, especially prostate cancer. The Pee-cals in the urinals at the Iron Pigs’ stadium has created a lot of buzz and is using humor to bring attention to potentially serious urologic problems, including prostate cancer. They are part of our larger Blue-Ribbon Care campaign.”

When you’re out at Coca-Cola Park, make sure you stop by the men’s room and check out our award-winning advertising campaign. There are five different signs. Try to find them all!

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