Prostate Cancer Awareness Night

St. Luke’s Center for Urology proudly sponsors Prostate Cancer Awareness Night during The Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs baseball season. The night/ballgame is one of the last home games of the year in late August so as to coincide with National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month (in September) and to promote our free prostate cancer screening event in early September.

We set up a table just inside the main gate at The Iron Pigs’ Coca-Cola Park and greet everyone attending the ballgame that evening. We hand out literature about Prostate Cancer … explain the importance of getting screened every year … swap stories with other prostate cancer survivors … and tell everyone about our free prostate cancer screening event which is held a few weeks later in September. Later on during the game, there is a raffle for uniforms/hats worn by the players that night (The Iron Pigs change the color of part of their uniforms to baby blue to match the blue ribbon which represents prostate cancer awareness; one year it was the hats that were baby blue, another year it was the stirrups). Each year the raffle raises nearly $100. Funds raised for this raffle are donated to the Blue Ribbon Cancer Coalition of PA.

We also hand out a free giveaway each year to adults attending the ballgame — a huge foam finger — which has become one of the most popular giveaways on the Iron Pigs’ promotion schedule and has received quite a bit of national attention, too, being featured on ESPN and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Prostate Cancer Awareness Night at Coca-Cola Park


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