The Radiation Center Team

As evident at your first visit to the USLV Radiation Center, the staff at the USLV Radiation Center is dedicated to each patient’s comfort and well-being, in addition to being responsive to each patient’s unique needs. They continually research new techniques and stay abreast of the ever-changing technology in the field of radiation therapy.

Your team includes:

  • Board-certified radiation oncologist, Dr. Mark Alden, who establishes your treatment plan and oversees the healthcare management of your treatment. Dr. Alden is also the Center’s Medical Director.
  • A medical physicist/dosimetry team that assists the radiation oncologist in the treatment planning stages by providing accurate calculations of radiation doses and establishes the optimal treatment plan for you. The physicist is also responsible for radiation protection and quality assurance.
  • The radiation therapists who work directly with you to deliver daily radiation treatment as planned by the radiation oncologist and physics team. They are licensed by ARRT and compassionately work with you and your family to provide the utmost quality of care.
  • The nurse who monitors your health during the timespan you are receiving treatments
  • Your USLV Urologist, to manage any issues which may arise before, during or after your treatments.

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