USLV provides patients with both office-based and hospital/outpatient surgical center-based care. Some of the most common urologic conditions that patients come to USLV for are …

Prostate Cancer (screening and treatment) — Did you know the key to surviving prostate cancer is early detection? So have yourself checked regularly. If you are a man over the age of 50 … or a younger male with a family history of prostate cancer … you should have your prostate checked once a year. Here at USLV, we have dedicated our practice to focusing on the prevention and treatment of this deadly disease.

Incontinence — Incontinence is a bothersome medical condition that affects women as well as men … the young and the old. Here at USLV, our doctors deal with all conditions involving the bladder and surgery of the bladder. In fact, we have a program designed specifically for continence treatment.

BPH — Do you find yourself going to the bathroom fairly often? … Are you getting up in the middle of the night to go? … Do you feel like you can’t fully empty your bladder? You could be suffering from an enlarged prostate. It’s a condition called BPH. And we offer a wide variety of BPH treatments here at USLV.

Erectile Dysfunction — In the United States, approximately 50 million men suffer from erectile dysfunction. As our population continues to grow and age, this number is expected to increase. Here at USLV we offer a comprehensive program designed to alleviate, and if possible, eliminate your E.D.

Vasectomy — A vasectomy is a very quick 15 to 20 minute outpatient procedure that requires the patient to sit … relax … and take it easy for a day or two while recovering from the procedure. Talk to any of our doctors about this relatively simple procedure.

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For a complete list of the hospital/outpatient surgical center-based care services we provide, please click here.

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