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Is your urologist board certified? If you don’t know, you should ask. The American Board of Urology awards certification … and recertification … to only those individuals who meet specific qualifications. Rest assured, every doctor here at USLV is board certified and satisfies the standards for high-quality practice.

As important as board certification is, it’s merely one in a long list of top credentials shared by our doctors. The team of physicians here at USLV is comprised of specialists who have all trained at some of the top medical centers in the United States and most hold clinical teaching faculty positions at Penn State Milton S. Hershey College of Medicine and Medical Center in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

While all our physicians are broadly trained to address all urologic conditions, each also has an expertise in a particular area — such as incontinence … erectile dysfunction … prostate cancer. Our doctors will frequently confer with one another so as to determine the best course of treatment for a patient and sometimes the patient may be referred to another doctor within the group if it’s deemed that that doctor’s expertise is needed to best resolve the patient’s issue.

Clinical Staff
Nicole M Nye, CRNP Nicole M Nye, CRNP

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