In a five-part blog series, USLV vasectomy patient Scott B. gives you an honest, patient’s perspective on both his vasectomy and his interactions with USLV — which we found to be both insightful and entertaining. We hope you do, too. Here is part four of his journal series.

“In this post I’m going to talk candidly about the surgery itself — I want to tell guys out there about what exactly happens during and after the vasectomy surgery,” explains Scott. “Guy to guy. Nothing sugar-coated. USLV told me I could tell it like it is. So here it goes.”

“To prepare – you have to shave ‘the area’ which is not easy,” Scott explains with a laugh. “The procedure itself — honestly — is awkward to say the least. Very awkward. You lose your pants and underwear and the nurse — a female — gives you a very small paper blanket to cover your genital area. You lay down on the table … and between the cold and the fear … you have the full shrinkage effect to worry about, too! Then they remove the towel and place a lamp right over the area. So now you’re fully lit, fully shaved, fully shrunk … and completely on display!”

“Between my embarrassment … my overall nervousness … and being terrified it was going to hurt like crazy … I was a mess. My legs were even shaking. Dr. Lieberman walked in and could tell I was worried. He calmed me and got me to relax before doing anything, which was a huge help.”

“I was sure there was going to be a lot of pain, but Dr. Lieberman gave me the first shot — down there — which was like a tiny pinprick and after that I didn’t feel a thing until really the next day. It took about 15 minutes. I didn’t look. I could hear some stuff … and sense some tugging … and then after about 15 minutes he said, ‘Ok, that’s it!’ and he left.”

“Once I got home, I was still numb and didn’t have any pain really for the rest of the day. I just sat around. Kept a bag of frozen peas on it. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the frozen peas. It was pretty much fine until the next day. Then I had pain in my abdomen – not down in my genitals so much. Felt like when you get kicked in the you-know-where. A general dull discomfort which did not feel good.”

“I had WAY overestimated the amount of pain involved in the actual procedure. I had really built that up in my head. It was literally pain free besides the little pinprick of the needle to numb the area. The pain after the procedure, however, was a bit undersold in my opinion. At least for me. But overall, I was surprised — as a guy, you’d think that surgery down there would be excruciating … unbearable … but it wasn’t too bad.”

Follow Scott B.’s honest first-hand account of his vasectomy performed by Urology Specialists of the Lehigh Valley in upcoming posts.

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